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My studies

University of Sussex, UK
1997-2000, Department of Cognitive and Computer Sciences (COGS)
This is where I got my BSc in Computer Science. By now what is left of me being a student of the Sussex University are but three things: a diploma on the wall, a load of wonderful memories and the diploma project which got me a 1st class honours degree. The former two, alas, you will have to take my word for, the latter you can download here (1.36MB) and use however you want except claiming it as your own.
University of Cambridge, UK
2000-2004, Computer Laboratory
This is the place where PhD was never finished. The subject of my research is "Formal definition of the Unified Modeling Language" and oh God help me for I am fed up with it.
University of Liverpool, UK
2013-???, Online Learning
Yes!!! I have started again - and it's for Masters this time. Not quite so ambitious as before - but this time I'm sure I'll get it!!!