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About me

Whenever asked about myself, here's what I usually answer:

Birthday: 31 October 1972.
Birth place: Moscow, Russia.
Sex: Male. Definitely male. Very much so. You know what I mean.
Status: Unfortunately single.
Height: 178cm.
Weight: I don't answer provocative questions.
Eyes: Green.
IQ: 144 when sober.
Languages I speak: Russian and English, no dictionaries are usually required.
Professional interests: Software engineering in all its aspects, especially design and implementation of programming languages. The only stuff I don't touch is Artificial Intelligence.
Hobbies: I read a lot and write some. Also play music. And shoot a longbow when can.
Favourite food: Meat. Of lamb. And make it a double portion, please.
Favourite drink: Newcastle Brown Ale. Let's talk really insane quantities...
Favourite colour: Black. Very.
Favourite quote: "Stupidity is a punishable offence".
Favourite deadly sin: Sloth.
Favourite complaint: "Everybody is so incompetent...".
Favourite swearword: "Bloody hell..."
Favourite writer: Terry Pratchett.
Favourite book: God Emperor of Dune (by Frank Herbert).
Favourite movie: The Fifth Element.
Favourite actor: Al Pacino.
Favourite actress: Sigourney Weaver.
Favourite producer: Luc Besson.
Favourite movie character: Spike (see Buffy the vampire slayer).
Favourite TV serial: Buffy the vampire slayer.
Favourite poet: Margarita Pushkina.
Favourite musician: Doro Pesch.
Favourite tempo: 6/8.
Favourite singer: Dmitry Varshawsky.
Favourite album: Concerto Suite in E minor for Electric Guitar and Orchestra, by Yngwie J. Malmsteen (1999)
Favourite song: She is my sin (by Nightwish)
Favourite villain: Freddy Krueger.
Favourite life: Passionate.
Favourite death: Quick.